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QT Steam Max

Scale build-up is the primary reason for poor steam-cooking equipment performance.

Hydro-Safe® QT™ Steam Max systems offer a wide range of advantages over standard steam cooking filtration systems:

  • OneFlow® Anti-Scale System for reducing hard water scale
  • Fast & easy cartridge changes with our quarter-turn design
  • Coconut shell carbon filtration reduces chloramine

QT Steam Max is the intelligent solution for producing high-quality steam while maximizing equipment efficiency and reducing equipment downtime.

OneFlow Anti-Scale System

Select models of our QT Steam Max filtration systems include our OneFlow™ Anti-Scale System, an intelligent system for preventing destructive hard scale build-up on pipes, valves, and other plumbing system components using template-assisted crystallization (TAC) technology. OneFlow eliminates hard water scale with virtually no maintenance, no salt additives, and no electricity.

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