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Hydro-Safe QT Replacement Filters

Many Hydro-Safe QT replacement filters are certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI standards to ensure quality, consistency, and superior performance. To ensure the quality, integrity and warranty of your Hydro-Safe product, use only Watts replacement filters and components.

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This Hydro-Safe QT replacement filter cartridge, QTES15, is designed for the QT Espresso Max multi-stage filter system. It measures 15 inches long and is rated for 1.5 gallons per minute service flow rate. This cartridge contains ion exchange resin for the reduction of water hardness. This media softens water to prevent the formation of scale caused by calcium and magnesium. This cartridge has a 2,000-grain capacity as calcium carbonate for the reduction of water hardness.

  • 2,000 Grain softening capacity
  • Reduces water hardness associated with scale
  • Ion exchange water softening media
  • 15 IN quarter turn